APKGATE،Integrated management system threats

Relying on its experts’ knowledge and abilities, and in order to fulfill the security requirements of the organizations of the country, and in line with the national production support, Amn Pardazan Kavir company, since 2011, has attempted to design, produce and implement a unified threat management system (UTM). After the product testing in the laboratory and operational environment of research center of informatics industries, and the evaluations of the information technology organization of Iran, the company launched the product onto the commercial market under the trade name of APK Gate. This product has benefited from the most advanced modern technologies of firewalls and it can compete with the prominent products of the world. Producing the product inside the country has also provided the possibility of considering special requirements of organizations and other different users.

What is UTM?

Unified Threat Management System
Using the internet has become quite common for the people, organizations, and the companies nowadays. Easy access to the information for the users and the business development for the organizations and the companies are the advantages of using the internet; however, it may turn into an abusing tool used by external threats such as hackers, crackers, viruses, spyware, spam, etc., in the case of inobservance of security policies and essentials. Organizations and companies need to control the access of individuals to different network resources in order to oppose the network internal threats besides. In order to apply the network security policies and related regulations, a system capable of managing all the internal and external threats should be used, which is called unified threat management system (UTM).

ویژگی ها

Detecting and Preventing the Intrusions (IDS & IPS)

This product is able to detect a wide range of attacks in different network layers by continuously updating the intrusion signatures on a perfectly secure platform. Features such as managing attack patterns, working on invisible status, and the possibility to introduce a new attack pattern are also considered in this product.

Web Security

Web security service works as an intermediate between the internal network and the internet. This service makes it possible to create special filters to provide more security on the network by monitoring the http/https traffic. Being equipped with a cache server, it can also increase the internet speed and save the bandwidth for the organization.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN service of this product supports the VPNs on IPsec protocol and uses the OpenVPN protocol besides. It secures the exchange of data and information and prevents the events by creating an independent platform.


  • Advantages of Making Use of UTM

Considering the fact that UTM includes a complete and comprehensive set of network security strategies, using that at the network input port provides the following options and capabilities for the network managers and leaders:
Providing network security
Preventing unauthorized penetrations
Controlling the access to different network information resources
Preventing spam and viruses from entering the network input port
Content filtering
Establishing a virtual private network (VPN) in order to create a safe connection between organizational departments over the internet platform
Optimized management of bandwidth and network access
Network user authentication
Load balancing
Getting practical and comprehensive reports


Lack of appropriate control over the amount and the way of internet bandwidth usage by the users is one of the IT managers’ concerns. Accounting service of this product provides the possibility to allocate different portions of bandwidth consumption (bandwidth quota) to different individuals or groups. The options of observing the online users and the webpages they’re visiting, and used/remaining volumes of data, and editing the groups or individuals who can access the internet are also provided for the network managers.

  • Service Packages
    Design and Implementation
    Investigating the current situation
    Analyzing the current situation and proposing a plan
    Execution and implementation
    Presenting documents
    Leadership training and delivery
  • Backup
    Backup and problem solving
    Applying new updates and upgrades
    Backup and reset
    Periodic observation of performance correctness
    Applying custom security settings
  • Analysis
    Preparing technical and managerial reports according to the standards of hierarchically top organizations (information technology organization and passive defense organization)
    Investigating and analyzing the security settings applied to UTM
    Investigating and analyzing all the generated logs (security, user)
    Proposing corrective plans and configurations
    Conducting security assessments

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