Secure Web Access Platform (APK SWAP)

Ensuring the security of critical data of the organizations and preventing unauthorized access to that is one of the IT managers’ concerns. Considering the fact that major portion of the activities of the organizations is done through the internet, the significance of the security issue becomes twice. After Stuxnet and Flame cyber attacks and their consequences on the country’s infrastructure, organizations put the physical separation of the internet and the internal networks on the agenda, as the first and the fastest solution. This solution has heavy costs of implementation and also results in maintenance and support costs. File transfer without supervision through user flash memory is one of the significant weaknesses of this costly solution.
Using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is another solution in which users, benefiting from Remote Desktop, connect to a server which is connected to the internet and fulfill their requirements. In this solution the server must be able to respond to a large number of users simultaneously which requires buying expensive equipment.
APK company benefiting from its experience in IT field, has designed a platform appropriate to the clients’ needs in order to separate the internet from the internal network and fulfill the security requirements. This platform which is called APK SWAP provides the clients with the secure access to the internet. APK SWAP solution has been achieved by using security, management, and software services and provided prerequisites for the implementation.
APK SWAP is an appropriate solution which benefits from management, security, and software services. It covers the mentioned weaknesses and provides its users with the capability of secure separation of the internet from the internal network with the minimized cost and network structural changes, in the shortest possible time.

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APK SWAP capabilities

  • Separating the internet from the internal network with minimized cost and changes
  •  Preventing the entry of any malware from the internet to the internal network
  •  The possibility to monitor the users’ performance in using the internet
  • The possibility to exchange information in a secure environment
  • Preventing unauthorized penetrations
  • The possibility to manage bandwidth and file
  • The possibility to allocate authorized and secure software to the users
  • The possibility to get various reports of the network status
  • Information processing by several antivirus engines at the same time

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