Penetration Test

Penetration Test

In the area of information exchange security, various ways and platforms of critical information transfer should be considered: issues such as user data on the cell phones, and also important secrets of organizations on the internet. The issue of secure applications, organization networks, network infrastructure, and information storage equipment is of particular importance; because the vulnerabilities in any of the mentioned fields may result in circumvention of all the security mechanisms (firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection systems).
A threat actor using a vulnerability, after designing hierarchical scenarios and raising the access levels, can circumvent robust security mechanisms and seriously threaten sensitive information, and sometimes internal networks and wireless networks of organizations and the data exchanged through them.
Although there are different ways to secure a system, the best method is achieved through assessment of the security holes and taking necessary measures to eliminate these vulnerabilities.
Penetration test group of APK company conducts the penetration tests on applications, network infrastructure, information storage equipment, etc. within available standard frameworks, and through providing reports of identified risks and applying the strategies to eliminate them promotes the security of the information infrastructure.

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