Security Operations Center (SOC)

Nowadays, many security threats and attacks threaten the resources of companies and organizations. The organizations need strategies which guarantee their security and also follow their security policies to protect the resources from any harm or damage. Security equipment such as IPS, IDS, antivirus, UTM, etc. can satisfy the requirements of some organizations partially, but cannot be by themselves an appropriate prescription for vital organizations of the country. A comprehensive and special strategy should be considered for them to gather the events of all the network devices, and also unify and analyze the events and incidents. It should also detect the attacks while happening, and manage and control them, minimize the attack damages if any, and provide the required evidence for the prosecution if needed.
Amn Pardazan Kavir company is proud to introduce itself as one of the pioneers in providing this service in an completely local framework. The company, relying on its experience and expertise and also employing technical and expert personnel, provides the services in the form of consulting, supervision and service set up, in our beloved country of Iran.

What is a SOC?

The security operations center is a service provided by companies active in the field of information security. This service is composed of various stages and processes to detect, control, manage, and prosecute the security incidents, and any kind of intrusions and unauthorized access related to the IT field. Usually, this system is permanently active, and its mission is to manage risks through centralized analysis using resources such as manpower, and special hardware and software. These resources continuously monitor the events and analyze the risks in order to detect the intrusions and protect the system from them.

Stages for Setting Up a Security Operations Center

In order to set up a SOC, firstly; the range of operations should be determined based on the organization budget, and the current situation of the organization network including the assets and desired processes should be documented completely. Then, the number of required workforce is estimated and the required human resources are provided by training the existing employees appropriately or recruiting new staff. After providing human resources; responsibilities, related processes, and job descriptions of each should be defined according to the organization policies. The next stage is to design and implement the infrastructure of the security operations center which should be completely in line with the client’s ideas. The most important stage of a SOC setup is setting up the technology section where SIEM is responsible for receiving, unifying, storing, and analyzing all the network equipment incidents and providing appropriate reactions towards them.


Advantages of Using SOC Services

  • Process Control

Organizing and standardizing the current processes in the organization through implementing the ISO/IEC 27001 standard

  • Online Security Dashboard

Showing the security status of all network devices instantaneously

  • Vulnerability Assessment

Detecting vulnerabilities and security holes of network equipment and reporting vulnerable points before occurring a security incident

  • Threat Detection, Control, and Management

Central management of security attacks and incidents, and intelligent control and analysis of threats using reports

  • Ticketing System

Trouble ticketing and informing the responsible person through sending SMS messages and tracking the created issues till solving the problems completely

  •  Security Device Management

Central management of all network devices using SSH and Telnet protocols

  • Reporting System

Providing various and comprehensive reports of network security status for top-level managers


Service Packages of Amn Pardazan Company

Design and Implementation

  •  Present situation recognition (design, process and organizational events)
  •  Designing the security operations center
  •  Providing a plan for security device layout on the network
  •  Execution and implementation of SOC
  •  Designing the organization processes according to the organization security policies
  •  Managing and monitoring the proper implementation of processes
  •  Designing the human chart of the SOC
  •  Providing a training plan for the manpower active in the security operations center
  •  Holding professional and specialized training courses for the active personnel of the security operations center
  •  Holding general training courses for all the organization personnel
  •  Implementing security technologies such as SIEM, IPS, IDS, Firewall, etc.
  •  Determining the vulnerability of network servers and equipment
  •  Conducting penetration tests on all the network servers and equipment
  •  Providing a plan to ensure the physical security of the security operations center
  •  Physically securing the security operations center
  •  Documenting the provided services

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